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My best friend the world over came into DC for her 24th birthday where she celebrated with box seats at the Knicks/Wizards game. Must be nice! Because she was already in Chinatown, I decided to aid and abet the celebration by taking her to Rocket Bar. My BF joined us and we made a double play date of it–how cute!

If you remember from the January Neighborhood Spotlight, I highlighted Rocket Bar as a place that you must stop by, but I’ve never actually been here myself, only heard rave reviews. Such feedback included, “It totally smells like piss, but the guys are hot and there are games and good beer specials.” Hmm, that should make for an interesting night.

As I walked in the door and down the flight of steps, I stood at the base and began to sniff the air. Yes, almost immediately, the waft of pee came directly to me. And a bit of vomit mixed in. We walked to the back corner bar area, which is an attache to the rest of the bar, and found our own pool table and a high-tech jukebox. The lights were dim but there’s swanky looking decor. The jukebox acts as the DJ here, and the group next to us were only too happy to entertain. What with the music and the pool, I was feeling a bit frisky, so I decided to order some Rum and Red Bulls and even went so far as to put everyone’s liquor on my tab. Turn down for what, exactly?

We played a few rounds and drank more and more. My SO and I got creamed by my more than competitive best friend and her boostank, which doesn’t really come as a surprise. Last Christmas we had a similar incident on some Kinect games, but we still maintained our dignity.

As the room became more inebriated and filled with Knicks fans, they started to crowd the table and it became more and more difficult to actually shoot any pool at all. One gentleman deemed himself fit enough to intrude on our game, betting each of us anywhere between $50 and $200 that he could make whatever shot we were taking at that moment. I let the antics slide for the first few requests, but seriously, don’t you have any friends that can shut you up? Our guys finally escorted him away, but the game was pretty much done by that point. We were righteously hammered and famished at the same time. So, time for move number two of the night!

Because I’d heard how cheap the beers were, I just assumed there would be no surprises once the tab was closed out. How wrong I was. Jesus Henry C., they charged me separately for each Rum and the Red Bull, which added up to a helluva lot. If I ever return, I will be sticking to the beers, and you must promise to do the same!

All in all I enjoyed this place. If you’re out on the town with a bunch of friends, I would bring them here for a competition of Skee Ball, Darts or Table Hockey. Just watch for the drunken frat guys. Unless you’re into that. Can’t blame you. They were hot, after all.

Score: Level 4 Turn Up

Level 1 – It’s like a retirement village in here.
Level 2 – We’ve progressed to a cocktail party with no open bar.
Level 3 – The bar is now open, but there’s only beer and wine.
Level 4 – Even going to sleep in Paris and waking up in Tokyo isn’t better than this!
Level 5 – It’s the Hangover. Part IV. In Abu Dhabi. Pour it up, pour it up.

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Marrissa P.

Marrissa moved to Paris from the US with 3 suitcases in January 2010 to study international business at the American Business School.

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