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I usually start my posts in much the same melodramatic way. Today, I start with le sigh. Back in the Grub On Review of Bardia’s New Orleans Cafe in AdMo, I swore up and down in the longest rant of my blogging career that I’d never return to this neighborhood, ever. Then, after a night of Bacchus Billiards (drunken pool) at Rocket Bar, I was desperate for some greasy, unnecessary at 11PM, breakfast food. I knew that iHOP was too far, and certainly Waffle House was out of the question in DC. I only knew of one more option: The Diner on 18th Street.


We were all significantly past gone as we stumbled into The Diner and requested a table for four. We squeezed into a booth that looked and felt like it was made from old church pews and with our knees touching each other (which I only recall in hindsight), half the table ordered Steak and Eggs and the other half ordered…well, they ordered something else. At some point, I went to the bathroom, but can’t readily recall what it looked like. I also spoke to our server at one point, but don’t readily recall if she was nice or not. She’d have to be to deal with our collective stupor.

This must sound terrible, but all I recall is that it was extremely dark in here, almost lit to “get you in the mood”, if you know what I mean, so that’s a plus. I also remember that the Steak and Eggs were fantastic. The meat was done Medium Well and I ate the side of home fries five at a time. I also dipped my toast directly into the glorious whipped butter on the side, and literally scraped the little tin clean of the delicacy. If I ever desired to return to Adams Morgan ever again in this lifetime, I would gladly stop here. But that’s not happening. I swear it this time!

Recovery is best with all brown food.

Recovery is best with all brown food.

Were they playing nice music? Maybe. Was the plating appropriate? Perhaps. Were my taste buds slightly skewed from the liquor? I don’t think so? Alls I know is, this place is open 24/7 and I feel hard pressed to find that kind of service anywhere else in the city. I’m eternally obliged to this spot for always being here for me, even if I’m never coming back to Adams Morgan. But if you’re in AdMo, you should totally come here. Just note, that you should be drunk as you enter, without question. This is the best drunk food ever. Don’t leverage my recommendation and come here sober. I can’t speak for the food under such conditions.

Disclaimer: My goal for you reading this blog post is not so you think I’m a drunkard. I want you to have a great experience, short of being blacked out. This blog post is going to have to be short as well, because I don’t recall much else.

Score: 4 out of 5

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