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Thursday May 23rd, 2013

During each and every one of my flights, I am met with the same head-scratcher: What in the world am I gonna do for those 20 minutes that the Fasten-Seat-Belt-Sign-is-Illuminated? The lady (sometimes gentleman) on the place told me to cut off all of my electronics!

I busy myself with pursuing the SkyMall.

On the way to Savannah, my 2 hour flight on Canadair Regional Jet had a few SkyMall whoopers.

Doesn’t SkyMall just blow your mind?

Travel Tips — June 4th 2013:

You’ve finally arrived at your travel destination! Yippee! Now what the heck will you be doing now that you’re here? We’ve got Travel Tips for all types of people. Specifically:

  1. For The Cheap-o: I say head STRAIGHT to the airport’s Information Center or to the city’s Chamber of Commerce office and pick up as many coupon booklets and vouchers as you possibly can. Organize your days based on when the deal’s are or when you coupons are valid. If the half off crab leg feast is only on Saturday afternoons, schedule that amazingness for Saturday! Simple, easy, and economic!
  2. For the Adventurer: For the traveler/adventure seeker, I say throw caution to the wind! Forget itineraries and agendas! What is the region known for? Go out and explore it. Are you in a bike town? Go rent a bike and cruise the streets of the city. Maybe by yourself, maybe with some friends you met in the hotel lobby. Who cares, you crazy so-and-so! Let’s go have fun!*
  3. For the Baller: Before you go anywhere, make sure you’ve secured only the most luxurious of transportation to cart you to and from the airport. What am I thinking — a true baller has an assistant to do those trivial things. When you’ve arrived, instruct your driver to drive to the most expensive hotel in town. When you arrive, ask for the most expensive suite in the building. Meet a tenderoni in the lobby. Spend a lavish weekend together filled with steakhouse dinners and helicopter rides during sunset and all that jazzy baller stuff you see on TV.

Happy Traveling!!

*Taste and See does not condone acts lacking in common sense. Don’t get kidnapped abroad.


Honestly, I really wanted to take it up a notch with Taste and See. Crowdfunding is the new “in” thing to do – it’s social networking for financing. I knew a website like Kickstarter, which brings in 8.1 million viewers per month, could really get Taste and See to the eyes of more people.

So we set out to do something big and raise $5000 to finance the project. I think it’s going to be rewarding. Again, we want to bring you a good story line and a great quality series that you can enjoy. Help us get there by


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Let’s face it. A lot us refuse to travel. People tell me all the time,

Marrissa, you’ve been everywhere! I thought you were living in Paris, girl! I could never do that myself, you’re braver than I am…

I’m always proud when people see me as a world traveler. It’s an honor to see people’s faces light up when I tell them where I’ve been. But it’s always super discouraging when they give me 100 excuses as to why they’d never go traveling. Of course you can travel! There are NO excuses as to why you can’t take your own two feet to experience a new country or culture. The biggest reason we reject the idea of traveling is NOT that we are unable to speak that language, or that we’ll be scammed by some tourist predator. Most often, our biggest excuse for not traveling is that we are afraid to travel.


Fear is a powerful motivator – or inhibitor and can take many shapes for people: What if I forget something? says the tourist with 3 cameras strapped to his neck. What if I leave something behind? says the woman laden with sacks of souvenirs. What if I start to miss my family too much? says the person who’s never been away from home. Well I’m here to tell you, ALL people are encumbered with some sort of inner fear of stepping out of your comfort zone. So don’t be baffled that you’re afraid of something. It was inevitable. But here’s the thing: we won’t let fear stop us from seeing what the world has to offer. I guarantee that seeing the world can offer you much more than you’re getting out of life right this very second.

Break it down for me.

I often liken traveling to the journey of life. As we progress from youth through old age (if we’re so lucky) we learn from strange and often baffling things. The kids on the playground who bullied us; the fact that even with a degree, you’ll be scrapping for jobs against high school diploma candidates; and finally, the frustrations that come with realizing there is no guidebook to life.

Are these painful facts of life not similar to setting off on a new adventure?:

  1. The feelings of unpreparedness as if you’ve forgotten something you were supposed to remember.
  2. The feeling of inadequacy as if you’re not really up to this challenge.
  3. And finally, the fear of death – all things we struggle with as we advance in age and certainly as we jettison ourselves out of our daily routine and begin to travel over unknown  expanses of water.

All of these feelings are a part of life’s journey — treat traveling as if it’s just one more expectation you have out of life. You should expect to see far off places and eat local foods. You’re entitled to see the world the Creator built. So why would you stop yourself from seeing it.

How do we get over our fear of traveling?

Well, the way to get over your fear of travel, is the same way you get over your fear of living. You must conquer each and every obstacle squarely and directly:  if you forget something, recognize that you’ll more than likely pick it up along the way. Hell no you didn’t understand currency conversions the first time around, but when the guy in the market, who spoke zero English, held up 10 fingers for 10 euro, you probably figured it out real fast. And remember all of life’s other little challenges? When the bills were due, when you got a flat tire, when you failed a test, I’d bet it all that you stood up to those challenges and faced them head on. You’ll feel the same glorious head rush of victory as you walk up the jetway or step off the boat into your next adventure.

Finally– to address the fear of death. Are we really afraid of death by traveling? This is the 21st century folks. We’re working with decades of enhanced aerial technology. Plus, and hold onto your seats folks, but you really can’t escape death anyway! Try as you might, death is inevitable, so why waste precious moments of your life, thinking about death? You could be spending that time planning your backpack through Southeast Asia or your month long excursion through the Horn of Africa.

Obviously, life is a marathon, not a sprint. So you won’t circumvent all of your fears of traveling overnight. But just remember– that’s why it’s referred to as the “journey” of life. A journey is defined as an act of traveling from one place to another. And as you travel from youth to old age, with the way things are going in the world, you can already tell it will be one hell of a trip. So why not take a nice couple pit stops along the way to taste and see something new. Traveling will only seek to enhance the story you’ll have to tell at the end of your days. So just do it already!!

What excuses have you made for not traveling?

Me in Vegas

I’m really grateful to live in the Internet Age. Everything is so easy now — including fundraising. I used Kickstarter to raise money for the webseries for the following reasons:

  1. It’s so easy!
  2. It’s like me, All or Nothing! If we don’t meet our goal, we don’t get to keep ANY of the money. Which means, we need to work super hard to make sure we reach our goal.
  3. It works: Of the Kickstarter projects that have reached 20% of their funding goal, 82% were successfully funded. Of the projects that have reached 60% of their funding goal, 98% were successfully funded. Projects either make their goal or find little support. There’s little in-between.

    Just FYI, we’re currently at 18%!

  4. To date, an incredible 44% Kickstarter projects have reached their funding goals. I want to be in that number.
  5. It spreads the word: Kickstarter is it’s own marketing tool. Literally millions of people are accessing the site each day. If they stumble upon my Kickstarter campaign, they now know about my web series, and about the web site and may subscribe or follow on Twitter or Facebook. I’ve already received a couple Facebook followers from the Kickstarter alone.

If you’re interested in crowdfunding, too, make sure you check out some other options below that may work for you:


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